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For the past three decades, GCN has been a key information service for Ireland’s LGBT community, and as such it has been a huge force of positivity in countless individual’s lives.

Now in its 30th year of publication, GCN continues to be free-of-charge, not-for-profit information service, a magazine and website that serve as hub for every LGBT+ community organisation in Ireland.

Because it is run by a voluntary body, the National LGBT Federation, GCN in print and online is free to represent the complete diversity of our LGBT+ community. Its unique ownership model means we can’t be censored and we don’t have to pander to only sexual images to sell copies and garner readers.

But producing GCN is costly, and in an industry where advertising rates are falling across the board, we need our readers to help this vital resource stay alive, independent and helping unite Ireland’s LGBT community.

Supporting GCN from as little as €1.99 per month will help us to continue providing this service.

Why does GCN need supporters?

GCN in print and online is published by the LGBT+ community for the LGBT+ community.

GCN was originally set up as not-for-profit company and published by a voluntary board of publishers, who were members of the community. That it was free of charge was central to GCN’s role. It was to be a fully accessible service, a place for the community to see itself reflected and celebrated while engaging in the real issues that LGBT+ people faced in this country.

Nowadays, along with the monthly magazine, we have our busy website, an app with special digital versions of the mag, and annual events like The GALAS, which celebrate our community, particularly the efforts of individuals and organisations across Ireland who seek to make life better for LGBT+ people.

But as we enter our 30th birthday year, GCN is still that free-of-charge, not-for-profit information service; a hub for every LGBT+ community organisation in Ireland that seeks to represent every queer event, group, artist, politician, activist, and community worker in this country.

GCN also continues to be a hand that reaches out to those who are not at the heart of the action, who are isolated and in need of connection to their community. It seeks to represent the marginalized in our community and fosters a clear sense of diversity and inclusion.

We know that not everyone is in the position to become a supporter of GCN, but if you can, you will do so as part of your community. It’s a small donation to the greater good of all LGBT+ people in this country.