WATCH: New moving Christmas short film is melting our gay hearts

Phil Beastall, known for his viral video 'Love is a Gift' is stirring up emotions once more with this moving Christmas short film. 

Images of a Christmas short film: On the left, close-up of a man smiling. On the right, a man kneeling in front of the same man asking to marry him.

Phil Beastall of Anzara Video Production, who gained popularity last year when his short film, ‘Love is a Gift’ went viral, is back again with another heart-warming creation. His previous film, which he made in 2014 on a budget of just  £50 shows a man excitedly getting ready for Christmas before the bittersweet reveal that the gift he is so eager to open is a recording of his dead mother wishing him a happy Christmas, and this year is the last tape he has left. 

The short film touched the hearts of many across the globe, with many saying that it was better than the John Lewis advert that year. 

Off the back of last year’s immense success, Beastall has created a new Christmas-themed short film for the season, this one entitled; ‘Made For You’. The film tells the story of two men in a long-distance relationship, one American and one English, who keep in contact through messages and Facetime.

The film explores the couple’s relationship as it blossoms and develops throughout the year, showing the romantic moments they share together through their phone screens. 

As the festive season steadily approaches, it is clear that although they stay in regular contact, the pair are upset at the fact that they will be unable to share the holiday together. However, on discovering a mysterious gift under the Christmas tree of his parents’ house, marked with the pet-name ‘Joker’ which refers to an inside joke he and his boyfriend share, the Englishman is perplexed.

To his surprise, his long-distance boyfriend enters the room, thousands of miles away from his own home and gets down on one knee. 

Speaking on the piece, Beastall said the message of this year’s Christmas short is “love and companionship” and said the production team wanted to highlight that “you are free to choose (or not choose) who you fall in love with regardless of gender, ethnicity and society’s expectations.” 

Continuing on, Beastall told PinkNews that the fact that the film was about two men in a relationship was “merely coincidental” saying;  “These guys met online and found themselves unable to stop talking to each other because they had so much in common – they were made for each other.”

Beastall hopes that, like his previous short film, this new video will push people to turn their attention towards their loved ones this Christmas, rather than getting caught up with the more material aspects of the holiday.

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